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Our production-ready starter kit gives you a solid foundation to build on, and No-Code App Builder with AI makes it easy to develop your app without writing any code. Just download your custom generated SaaS app's code and

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40-200 hours Saved on development by using NextAppFast
  • Next JS
    App Router
  • Next-Auth Logo
  • Stripe Logo
  • Prisma
  • TailwindCSS
  • Radix UI
  • TypeScript logoTypescript
  • React JS

Discover NextAppFast Features

Kickstart a fully-featured SaaS at wrap speed and launch your app in record time!


Production Ready Stater Kit

Launch your SaaS venture with all the essentials in one place.

NextAppFast provides production ready SaaS Starter Kit that includes all the required resources and tools that you need to launch your project fast.

Just download the stater kit and go!


Authentication Flow

Login with email and password using Next-Auth Credentials Provider.

Allow user to self register with custom a Sign Up Form.

Stop wasting time and let users self-recover their credentials using Password reset flow.


Authorization (RBAC)

Easily protect data using integrated rights based authorization.

All route loaders and actions can be protected. Includes customizable RBAC implementation.


Admin Panel

With included admin panel, you can let user admins to manager their own users and role assignment


Tenant Admin Panel

Get comprehensive view of all tenants, add new roles, setup new rights and assigns right to roles. Manage subscription plans and even data driven features for each subscription plan


Stripe Checkout

You will be able to securely accept credit card payments on your site and start selling to customers in no time.


Stripe Web Hooks

NextAppFast SaaS Stater Kit includes support web hook route handler. This allows you to enable / disable user, know when an invoice is paid and take other action on account in response to various events raised by Stripe.


Delightful UI

NextAppFast includes all the elements you need to create a a beautiful, user-friendly and professional SaaS app: impressive UI theme and components, dark/light theme, mobile-friendly UX and more.


Light and Dark Themes

NextAppFast supports a beautiful Tailwind CSS dark theme that users can toggle with a switch button.


ShadCN UI and Tailwind CSS

NextAppFast comes with minimal UI components based on ShadCN UI, Tailwind CSS and Lucide Icons



Easily let user customize their details, including support for uploading photos, light/dark UI and logout functionality.



The full platform was designed with a mobile-first approach.

Users will be able to access the platform from any device, and it will look just as good.


Maintainable Typescript Codebase

ou get High quality maintainable Typescript typed code!

The codebase is simple, clean, and easy to maintain. And most importantly, it is easy to extend and is fully customizable!


Send emails

Send emails to customer at various events using integrated nodemailer


Regular updates

NextAppFast is routinely updated to support the latest versions of the frameworks and libraries it uses.

We also add new features and fix bugs on a regular basis.



You own all the code, so you can make changes as needed and customize anything.


Rich Documentation

Our extensive documentation has everything you need to get started and finish your SaaS


No-Code Db Schema Builder

Schema Builder allows you to create database schema visually. Visualize all the tables and relationships between them. Add new table, change fields and setup relationship using drag and drop.

Have an pre-existing schema? Just upload and visualize the schema!


Visualize Schema

See all the tables in your database schema and how they are related. Select a table to see all relationships.


Auto Multi-Tenancy

Every time you add a new table, NextAppFast ensures Multi tenancy by auto adding tenantId foreign key.

Next it ensures that user tenantId is used in all Prisma Queries. This ensures that user only sees data for the tenant organization that they belong to!


Manage Table

Quickly add new table and fields. Modify existing fields. Add audit fields as well as “related” fields from joined table. This related fields are auto included in all prisma quires ensuring you have access to field form joined tables.


Build Aggregate Query

Visually build aggregate query using drag and drop. Setup Group by and sort fields, change join type and add new fields form related table using drag and drop


Visual Query Builder

Select tables, select fields and build queries!

No more guessing which fields are in which table or tables to join, just use drag and drop to build complex query and we will write it out for you!


No-Code Route and UI Builder

See all routes of your app and their relationships. Add new routes and manage UI with various built-in builders


Route Visualizer

See all your routes laid out in a beautiful tree view. Easily see parent - child relationships. Click to access related visual builders!


Add Route Wizard

Select a model, pair it with a predefined route template and get ready made multiple hierarchal routes (list-detail) with full integration to backend, all UI and including authorization.


List Builder

Add new table or rearrange columns of existing table. You can change table view to be grid, card list or even kanban board with full drag and drop support.

Table builder has support for configuring quick search, adding advanced search capabilities as well as sort functionality.


Form Builder

Layout form UI using drag and drop builder. Add new fields, change properties and behavior of existing fields, all visually!


Dashboard Builder

Bring your dashboard to life by adding Chart, Stats and List (Table) components. Re-arrange cards and change layout quickly


Report Builder

Quickly build custom reports using Report builder. Just select model, type of report (grid or form) and get ready made report. Add filter parameters, add and arrange fields, add calculated fields, all on visual report canvas!


Instant Preview Run

No need to wait for dependence to install or lengthy build time, instantly preview your app. Check out UI layout as well as full functionality. Verify authorization by changing roles. Use tenant selector to switch between tenants!


Search and Sort

Easily configure and integrate quick search, advanced dynamic search and sort for tabular data.



Built-in support for both standard query string based server pagination and where needed action based client pagination.



Common validation logic for both client and server components, ensuring consistent validation, both on client for immediate feed back and on server to handle all other cases


AI Builder

Just describe what you want to be built and in minutes, our AI will build it out for you!


Create App

Know what you want, but not sure where to start. Let our AI do the heavy lifting. Explain your project briefly and our AI will create required Schema, add related routes, and even sample data, ready to run!


Create Schema

Not sure which tables to create? Wait no more, just describe your project and our AI will create complete schema for you!


Create Routes

Not sure what routes to add? Describe your project and our AI will create all basic routes including hierarchical list detail and simple look up routes.


Add Table

Just provide description for table and our AI will generate table for your complete with all columns, foreign key, and event auto add audit columns.


Add Query

Describe your end goal and AI will create the aggregate query!


Add Chart

Start with what Chart should display and our AI will generate query to retrieve data from database tables, add Chart UI and any required routes.


Add Stats

Describe what Status you will like to display and our AI will generate aggregate query to retrieve Stats from database tables, add UI and wire everything up.


Intelligent Code Generator

NextAppFast Intelligent Code generator creates customized codebase for your SaaS by combining Stater Kit with App Builder. You get complete ready to run app code, just install dependencies and run, it is that simple.


Prisma Schema and Seed

NextAppFast generates Prisma Schema based on your model and also includes code to seed User, Role and Rights tables.


Prisma CRUD queries.

NextAppFast auto generates CRUD queries based on your configuration. This includes high performance cursor based paging, create and update with support for child items, deletes with transaction support.


Sever Action or API

Choice of Server Action or Standard API code for data mutation


Install and Run

Just npm run init. It will install all dependencies, setup Prisma Schema, and seed the database.

Then run the app using npm run dev

NextAppFast is a developer-friendly platform that helps you build full-stack multi-tenant SaaS apps with ease.


Frequently Asked Questions

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